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Gardening hints and advice each month from Alan , our Manager / Partner at Hillmount

Sunday Life Hillmount Gardening Column


On Monday evening (3rd sept) we’re opening the garden centre for BBC Radio Ulster Gardeners’ Corner and you’d be welcome to come along with your gardening related questions for the panel at 7pm. We’ve had a few people calling in this week ahead of the recording asking us some questions about their beloved plants, some of which really didn’t enjoy our early hot summer. So come and join us – there will even be a free cup of tea or coffee for you!

As we welcome September there are some essential tasks you should be considering for the month ahead.

If you have any rambling roses it is now time to dead head them. Prune them back as they can suffer from mildew. Cut each flowering branch back to ground level and train in the strong new shoots from the base of the plants. To stop spores of black spot remove any affected leaves and hopefully this will prevent infection of next year’s growth. And remember - don’t put any diseased leaves on the compost heap.


If you have been growing vegetables this year, you should now be harvesting sweetcorn and onions. They’re great for adding to soups and hearty stews now that the nights are starting to draw in fast.


Once you’ve enjoyed your homemade soup or stew it’s time to get back outside to rake your lawn, aerate it and apply autumn fertiliser. This is important if you want to be looking out at or relaxing on a healthy, thick and green lawn. The grass needs to source the right nutrients to grow and survive. So by aerating it you’re allowing it the maximum opportunity to enjoy water and essential food. And at this time of year it is best to feed it with Autumn Fertiliser which most garden centres stock for around £10 for 150m2. For best results always feed it after mowing.


If your lawn hasn’t survived this year’s early hot summer now is the time to be sowing a new lawn which will look thicker and lusher in no time at all if you get it right. Using grass seed is simple and cost-effective. Gro-Sure has a range of seed for almost any garden including those with shady conditions or needing hard wearing grass. You can sow from now until middle of October or failing that you’ll have to wait until next April or May so I’d say get out now and do while you can and then you’ll be able to enjoy it next spring.


And if you’re thinking of taking cuttings and dividing up perennials – this is your last chance! You should be bringing in tender plants like violas from the garden now to pre-empt any frost damage so if you are planning to take cuttings of these, now is the time. You can also start to divide up large border perennials as the temperature cools so as to fill gaps next year.


All this should keep you busy until next week!









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