Hillmount Balloon Team

Robin, Alan, and David Mercer from Hillmount are avid Hot Air Balloon Pilots. Hot air ballooning is a unique sport in Northern Ireland. Keep an eye out if you live near Dromore, Ballygowan, Crossgar and Ballynahinch for Hot Air Balloons in the sky.

Hot air ballooning requires light winds and clear skies so unfortuantely flying in Northern Ireland is seldom.

However please find below some picts from a flight on 28th March 2012 Ballygowan to Ballynahinch.  We flew near the NI House of the Year 2012

 We love to fly in Italy & Belgium yearly. Check out the recent posts under the ‘news’ section to see some photos of our recent trip.

Occasionally, if we are fortunate enough, we get free trips to foreign countries to participate in International Balloon meets such as Dubai and India.

Lisburn Balloon Festival 2011

The Hillmount Balloon team participated in the Lisburn Balloon Festival in Moira Demense on Sat 28th Aug- Mon 30th Aug.


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Albuquerque October 2007 – With over 700 Balloons Albuquerque is the largest Balloon meet in the world.

Dubai Balloon Festival December 2006